JSMVR与国际VR内容平台Blend Media达成合作!

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Blend Media:让每个人都能轻松沉浸其中



  Blend Media(www.blend.media)作为英国专业360视频/VR内容授权供应平台,管理和授权全球最大的优质360/VR内容库存素材库。经过多年的积累,Bend Media 现拥有约25,000条优质的VR素材内容,以及数十小时的国际VR精品内容,包括天文、地理、教育、文化、艺术、影视、旅游等各个领域,拥有国际签约VR、AR内容创作者2000余家。并在www.facebook.com/360vidz上运营Facebook最大的360视频频道,该频道拥有近百万粉丝。



  Blend Media将VR技术与内容与企业相匹配,通过其庞大的全球认证专业人士网络,与熟练的AR/VR创造者一起创建沉浸式项目。


  该公司的创始人和CEO-Damian Collier是英国音乐,电影,电视以及舞台制作人,企业家和商业顾问。曾与包括索尼BMG、百代、环球音乐、环球音乐出版集团、华纳音乐集团和索尼/亚视在内的主要唱片公司进行合作,在版权授权方面拥有相当丰富的经验。


  作为卓越的VR内容平台,Blend Media主要提供和具备以下功能与服务:

    -  在几分钟内为您的VR项目匹配合适的内容创作者;

    -  根据客户发送的内容需求,及时推荐内容并给出报价;

    -  签署专业服务协议;

    -  对正在进行的项目进行交流和评估;

    -  项目资金支付保障



  在过去的几年里,Blend Media与国际知名企业迪斯尼、德勤、英特尔、欧莱雅、Facebook、谷歌、Framestore、麦肯、环球音乐、麦卡伦、沃尔沃等公司在内容版权授权与项目制作上紧密结合,都达成了良好的合作,并与Facebook旗下虚拟现实公司Oculus实现内容合作。



  近期,JSMVR已与Blend Media达成合作协议,作为在中国的首席代理,旨在桥接国内外的优质内容输入与输出,让更多优质内容和创作者连接中国市场,也让中国本土的优质作品和创作人走向国际。


  JSMVR与Blend Media 的此次合作是双方所期待已久的,我们希望连接东西方优质的VR内容与创作者,共同发展、建设国内与国际的VR内容生态。



 JSMVR and the UK professional VR platform Blend Media reached a partnership agreement!

Blend Media:Making Immersive Content Easy for Everyone

Blend Media (www.blend.media), as the UK's professional 360 video / VR content authorization supply platform, manages and licenses out the largest global stock footage library of premium 360/VR content in the world. After years of accumulation, Blend Media now has about 25,000 high-quality VR material content and dozens of hours of international VR boutique content, including astronomy, geography, education, culture, art, film and television, tourism and other fields. And with more than 2000 international contract VR, AR content creators. At the same time, it runs the largest 360 video channel of Facebook on www.facebook.com/360vidz, which has nearly one million fans.

The VR technology of Blend Media matches businesses looking to create immersive projects with skilled AR/VR creators from our large global network of verified professionals.

The founder and CEO of the company, Damian Collier, is a British producer, entrepreneur and business consultant for music, film, TV and stage. He has worked with major record labels including Sony BMG, EMI, Universal Music, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and has considerable experience in copyright licensing.

As an excellent VR content platform, Blend Media mainly provides and possesses the following functions and services:

-Match the right content creator for your VR project in minutes;

-According to the content needs sent by customers, recommend content in time and give a quotation;

-Sign a professional service agreement;

-Exchange and comment on work-in-progress;

-Project fund payment protection.

In the past few years, Blend Media has cooperated well with internationally renowned companies including Disney, Deloitte, Intel, L’Oreal, Facebook, Google, Framestore, McCann, Universal Music, The Macallan, Volvo and many more. It is closely integrated in content copyright authorization and project production. And in 2019,it achieved content cooperation with Facebook's virtual reality company Oculus.

Recently, JSMVR and Blend Media have reached an agency cooperation agreement. As the chief agency in China, JSMVR aims to bridge the input and output of high-quality content at home and abroad, connect more high-quality content and creators to the Chinese market, and enable local high-quality works and creators to go international.

The partnership with Blend Media is what both parties being expected. We sincerely hope that this collaboration will be a complete success, connecting high-quality VR content and creators in the East and West, and jointly developing the international and domestic VR content ecology.


2020年4月17日 15:07